Disciples are individuals who have validated they resonate with Vampyrism as practiced within the Sanguinarium as a personal philosophy, path in life and for many a spiritual path.

We do not practice psychic vampirism nor do we practice blood drinking, these are very different from what we do.  They are other traditions of vampirism and since we have our own ways they are not within our scope of expertise.

If you are curious about the Vampyre Current of Elorath and would like to know more about us we are happy to speak to you only after a few conditions are met.  We get hundreds of inquires via email, Facebook and other networks everyday so we cannot keep up with all the correspondence and can only reply to the most sincere and prepared inquiries.

Please note you do not need to be a member of the Sanguinarium to practice the Vampyre Mysteries.  

So here is what you can do to start;
  1. Educate yourself.  Read the books Sanguinomicon, Red Veils and Vampyre Magick, all available on Amazon.com.  These books detail our mysteries and are an investment of time for you to sit back and find out more about us in detail.
  2. Meditate if you really resonate with our ways, TEST and EXPERIMENT with our mysteries, make sure they are really in your soul and reflect who you are.
  3. Then contact us with an inquiry letter to ordostrigoivii@gmail.com.  
This way our correspondence is done in wise effort.  Vampyres are often by nature are solitary yet love to know each other.  

So prepare yourself and we are ready to answer your questions when you have been properly prepared in the right spirit to send an inquiry letter requesting the application for membership.

Magister Saaron
The Sanguinarium Synod