Monday, December 17, 2012

Sanguinarium Membership

The Sanguinarium “The Sang” was founded in November 1993 by Father Sebastiaan as a social network for individuals seeking Vampyrism as a personal philosophy, culture, tradition and for some a spirituality and esoteric path.

Since this time the Sang has gone through many revisions until its current incarnation now at

One of the most common questions is "how do I join the Sanguinarium, I see it is invite only."  Of course you can join, but please read the following to better understand how you can do this.

Through this long history the Sanguinarium has experimented with many models of membership.  We focus on quality over quantity and in 2010 the Sanguinarium v13 became a private organization and discrete society which is invite only.  

We have tried sponsorship, applications and a mixture there of, nothing seemed to work to create the sense of unity, tangibility and community which just felt right.

Currently within the current incarnation we are at this time only inviting those who have personally obtained Sabretooth Fangs by Father Sebastiaan.  One of the worlds most prominent and well known fangsmiths.

This has allowed us to have almost an “initiation” ceremony which we call the “White Rite” and allows Father create a specific experience for the person getting fangs to have a physical experience.  The White Rite has proven to contribute to a tight and dynamic international sense of spirit and Family, often defining it for new member.

YES, believe it or not of the hundreds of current members Father Sebastiaan has actually met, and stuck his hands in all of their mouths!  Except for a few mail order clients.  

NO getting fangs does NOT make you a "vampire", but does aid in the process of connecting to our Current, of which we are very protective of.  We see Vampyrism as a philosophy, lifestyle and culture and for some a spirituality and magickal path.

We are not apart of the normal "online vampire community" and few of our members hail from this community, all being drawn to the Sanguinarium for a multitude of reasons different reasons.  What unites us is this vibe and agreement which we call the Current. 

We do not speak for the "Vampire Community", only ourselves and only wish to remain in our own private community, united with common agreement, unique and different.

In the future we may expand and are making efforts to do so.  However now we are completely focused to establishing our community with individuals who have gone through the White Rite.  So if you wish to join, at this time it is the only way.

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